Hello, my name is Chris Haywood and I love to paint watercolours.  I paint in high detail and enjoy painting flowers, birds, insects and small animals.

My interest in painting began when I became fascinated with the beauty and complexity of flowers.  I first began to photograph them, but I was never happy with the amount of detail I was able to achieve with my small camera.  I then turned to watercolour painting and was hooked!

My main aims are to show light and contrast.  I believe this brings a painting to life – how the light catches a petal, or the twinkle in a bird’s eye.  A subject is always more enjoyable to paint when it comes alive on the page.  For this reason I always like to get some detail in early in the process.

I like to work from nature wherever possible, although I have not yet found a bird or animal willing to ‘sit’ for me. 

Future projects – anything and everything from the natural world.  There is so much I would like to try, I just need more time.




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