Monthly Archives: April 2014

Having been away on holiday for a week I have not had the opportunity to paint much just lately.  However my thoughts have been free to wander at will and inspiration for new paintings is brimming over.  The only thing is now Spring is here everything is growing again.  As I work as a gardener and have my own garden to tend, I now have less time to paint!  Such is life!

I found another bonus from going away for a week.  The composition of the painting I had been working on beforehand didn’t seem to be working and I couldn’t see what to do.  It is of an azalea from a photo of my own plant.




The photo didn’t have enough detail in it except for the main flower so I was struggling a bit.  Returning to it this week I could see that it needed a detailed bud behind the flower to balance the picture. The one in the background is not visible enough for me to paint from.  I have now been able to add leaves and a gap for the bud, which I should be able to do in a few weeks time when the original plant comes into flower again.

Meanwhile I have been spending time looking at other botanical artists work on their websites and blogs.  There is such a wealth of beautiful paintings out there.  Mostly I feel inspired by it, but if my own painting is not going too well it can have the adverse effect!  There is a lot to learn from looking at other styles and techniques, some of which you can incorporate into your own work.